360Vision Software


MFC is pleased to announce that Mike Fitzgerald, founder and President of Advanced Flooring, joined Mike’s Flooring Companies on June 1, 2014 as its Director, Software Development. As part of the agreement, Mike Fitzgerald provided MFC a license to his existing intellectual property rights for FloorPro and related applications. MFC formed a dedicated advanced technology division, 360Vision Software℠ that will receive investment by MFC to provide new product development, sales, and customer support for its proprietary suite of workflow-based applications customized for the construction industry. Going forward, 360Vision Software will focus on delivering two new versions over the next 18 months while also dramatically expanding its workflow documentation and customer support.

360Vision Software℠ (formerly FloorPro) is a leading enterprise resource process (ERP) software solution that provides construction industry service providers a complete workflow management system. Included with the core FloorPro workflow system are:

  • Sales management and order processing module,
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management modules,
  • Reporting and Accounting module,
  • CutXpress (integrated computer-controller cutting of carpet rolls to maximize inventory usage and reduce waste),
  • ScheduleXpress (integrated application to allocate resources to perform and complete individual projects),
  • Pricelist Pro (application to maintain price catalogs),
  • B2BXpress (electronic data interface for industry vendors and clients), and
  • Paperhound (document support application linking important client and corporate documents in a central archive, that links documents to specific sales tickets, customers, or other relationships).

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