360Vision Software

360Vision Software℠ (formerly FloorPro) is a leading enterprise resource process (ERP) software solution that provides floorcovering businesses a complete workflow management system. Optional modules included with the core FloorPro workflow system are:

  • Sales Management and Order processing,
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management,
  • A/R, A/P, Checking, Payroll, and Commissions,
  • Subcontractor Pay and Insurance
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting,
  • Commercial Work Orders and Progress Billing
  • Credit Management
  • Property Management with Billing, Material, and Labor Automation
  • New Home Builder Price Packages and Sales Tickets
  • Work-in-Progress Reporting
  • Physical Inventory Counting
  • CutXpress (integrated computer-controlled cutting of carpet, vinyl and other roll goods. Uses advanced optimization techniques to maximize inventory usage, reduce waste, and efficiently utilize roll balances),
  • ScheduleXpress (integrated scheduling application to allocate resources to perform and complete individual projects),
  • Pricelist Pro (application to maintain price catalogs and create showroom price lists and price tags),
  • B2BXpress (electronic data interface for industry vendors and clients), and
  • PaperHound (easy-to-use document management application linking important client and corporate paperwork in a central archive. Each document can be linked in multiple ways to specific sales tickets, customers, P.O.’s, vendors, or other relationships, ensuring fast and flexible document retrieval).

360Vision plans to release three major software versions in the next eighteen to twenty-four months:

Version 2.0:

Enterprise version providing the ability to operate multiple legal entities or divisions within the same 360Vision license. This provides functional groups such as Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Accounting the ability manage all customers and vendors from one master database. Just as importantly, complete 360-degree financial management insight into the entire enterprise, whether by division, work classification, or business entity, will be provided via rapid drill-down dashboards and reports. In the accounting module, improved audit trail capability will provide lenders and bank field examiners, as well as your external accounting and tax professionals, with improved confidence in your financial reporting. Also, with the release of this version, several additional key improvements will include:

  1. improved and updated, dashboard-based user interface
  2. user-defined report generator,
  3. vastly expanded training, in-context help documentation and online knowledgebase,
  4. pre-installation for-fee IT and user planning and customization along with on-site training,
  5. customer portal to extended documentation and technical support, and
  6. a tiered customer support plan as well as outsource business process alternatives.

Version 3.0

Building on the improved functionality and user interface of Version 2, this version will emphasize mobile and cloud features to more effectively include your mobile workforce (sales, field supervisors & project managers, and warehouse staff). This version will also introduce a cloud-hosted version of 360Vision Software, for those clients who prefer to reduce their internal IT server and hardware investment. Additional enhancements will include an integrated Sales Funnel module and a Cash Forecasting capability integrated with the A/P and A/R databases.

Version 4.0:

Integrated HR module will be added, along with advanced social media and customer relationship management functionality.