Company Background

Mike’s Flooring Companies is a rapidly growing company providing flooring solutions for multifamily, commercial and residential properties from Miami to Maine. Over the last 30 years, MFC has expanded its reach of operations from its headquarters in the DC/Virginia area to cover the entire Atlantic seaboard. We believe our close relationship with our suppliers combined with our comprehensive experience with a wide variety of installation environments, makes Mike’s Flooring Companies an excellent business partner for enterprises seeking the advantages of a ‘one-stop’ shop and contractors, property owners, and residents looking for someone to get the job done right the first time.

We enjoy partnerships with many multifamily and commercial companies such as Equity Residential, Camden Properties, Post Properties, Greystar Properties, Home Properties, Riverstone Properties, WRIT, Norsouth Construction Co., Clark Builders Group, Related Group, Lefrak Companies, Bainbridge Properties and Bozzutto Management. These partners rely on Mike’s Flooring Companies for next day installations, pre and post installation inspection teams, floor plan database templates that reduce costs and response times, and our extended geographic reach.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the value proposition with our partners, both by constantly delivering cost-effective solutions and providing exceptional products, services and installations. One of the most successful ways that we have improved our value proposition is through our proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, 360Vision Software. This revolutionary system has streamlined business operations on all fronts. Installed in all of our locations as well as 25 client locations, the ERP system covers all of our core business processes from sales, property management, scheduling, warehouse operations, purchasing, billing and financial reporting.