Employee of the Month!

Our December 2016 Winner is:
Chuck Riley, Manager Hardwood Floors – Corporate


Chuck has been with the company over 14 years now. He is one of the most self-sufficient, hardworking salespeople we have. In addition to selling and being an expert at his craft specializing in hardwood, he spends a tremendous amount of time helping his colleagues and customers alike. Other salesmen lean on Chuck a lot for advice, answers about flooring supplies, prices, labor fees, reps, installations – you name it. Chuck is also our very own Mr. Fix it. He fixes everything around the office. He builds cages and storage in the warehouse and always has new projects waiting for him to complete, all while balancing his own accounts. Chuck is a good ol’ country boy with a big smile and even bigger heart – there’s nothing he won’t do to help others and you will never hear him say “that’s not my job”. He is truly a role model for any MFC employee in any position because of his unwavering positive attitude and strong work ethic. Thank you, Chuck, for all that you do!

Our November 2016 Winner is:
Paul Hamilton, General Manager – Raleigh, NC


Paul wears many different hats throughout the day. Most days you can find him at the office early, managing employees, doing estimates, writing tickets, ordering product, handling service calls, unloading or loading trucks in the warehouse, answering A/P questions and emails… the list goes on and on. When it positively, absolutely needs to be done – Paul is the go-to person in North Carolina. And, he is always polite and represents MFC professionally. His willingness and ability to handle so many different jobs in the course of a workday is outstanding and deserving of this acknowledgment. Thank you and congratulations, Paul!

Our October 2016 Winner is:
Leonard Jackson, IT Director – Corporate


Leonard went above and beyond during corporates recent move, performing his job at such a high level that the IT migration appeared seamless to the other branches. Not a day went by that he wasn’t making sure everyone’s devices were properly functioning, physically moving equipment, getting people set up to work remotely, adjusting non-functional programs when problems arose, putting in late nights and coming in on the weekend to ensure the network and database were both properly and efficiently functioning. He continuously remains accessible and willing to help, not just here at corporate, but at all of our locations. Leonard’s friendly, positive attitude, his work ethic and dedication to the company is nothing short of remarkable and we truly appreciate him. Great job, Leonard!!!

Our September 2016 Winner is:
Lisa Jenkins, Installer Scheduling – Corporate

Lisa Jenkins (Virginia)

Lisa goes above and beyond her job description on a daily basis. She genuinely cares about every job that goes out the door, making sure the right installer is scheduled to do the job and that we always have a happy customer. She starts her day very early and doesn’t stop until she knows every job is taken care of. She continues taking calls well into the evening and volunteers her time and assistance to help anyone who needs it. This month in particular, Lisa has played an integral role in moving to our new corporate office. From scheduling the installation, writing the work orders, finding material when needed, coming in early and staying late to answer installer questions; she’s been 100% dedicated to completing everything in a timely manner and worked extremely hard helping physically move everyone – all while doing her regular job. Lisa exemplifies the core values of Mike’s Flooring Companies and we truly appreciate everything she does! Great job, Lisa!

Our August 2016 Winner is:
Heidi Koehler, Receptionist – Corporate

Heidi Koehler (Virginia)

Heidi joined MFC last October as our Receptionist. Here at the corporate office, she is most often the first contact with our clients whether on the phone or in person and no matter how busy or stressful the day might be, she maintains a calm, courteous and professional demeanor at all times. She wrote nearly 450 tickets just in the last month. There’s nothing she won’t do to help her co-workers. If she’s asked to handle something she’s never done before, she embraces it, learns very quickly and without complaint. Great job, Heidi!

Our July 2016 Winner is:
Karen Georgiades, Operations Manager – Ft. Lauderdale


Located in our sunny Ft. Lauderdale location, Karen started working for MFC in June 2007. She embodies what it means to be a team player and is undeniably one of our standout employees. As the Operations Manager, Karen wears many hats and tirelessly works on multiple tasks at a time, including supporting our Orlando location in addition to her own. More recently, one member from her support team relocated, and the other went from FT to PT. Being short-handed during our busiest season, Karen hasn’t missed a beat. She’s managed to stay on top of things as well as train a new hire. She is a manager, sales support, customer interface, purchasing, receiving, progress billing, collections… you name it, she does it. There’s nothing she won’t do to make sure we have happy customers. Karen, thank you for everything you do. We appreciate you!

Our June 2016 Winner is:
Jaime Rojas, Human Resources Manager – Corporate

Jaime Rojas (Virginia)

Jaime has been with MFC/PFC a combined 22 years this July. That alone deserves recognition! Jaime is skilled in many aspects of the business and year after year continues to prove her worth. As our Human Resource Manager, Jaime has an upbeat and positive attitude that is infectious! She is quick to offer encouraging words when the stress of the day has taken it’s toll. Her door is always open making it very comfortable and easy for employees to go to her with questions, concerns and a variety of other professional or even personal matters. Jaime pulls it all together making it very straightforward and simple for the employees of MFC. She goes above and beyond, making an extra effort to reach out to remote locations to check in and make sure they have what they need. Thank you, Jaime!

Our May 2016 Winner is:
Danielle Boyles, Office Manager – RI Location


Danielle has been working for Mike’s since she was a teenager. There aren’t too many things she can’t do. Over the years she’s developed and maintained great relationships with many of our customers, and traveled to train many of our new hires. This past month in particular was exceptionally challenging for our Pawtucket team. In addition to being down a warehouse man, they were (temporarily) without internet, phone or printer access while Verizon replaced some of their equipment. Danielle had calls directed to her personal cell and managed to keep jobs and paperwork flowing with minimal disruption, and without complaint. We appreciate your high level of proficiency and dedication, and would like to congratulate you on this award. Great job!

Our April 2016 Winner is:
Ron Myers, Field Supervisor – Corporate

Ron Myers (Virginia)

His hard work, dedication and friendly, helpful attitude has really had a positive effect on everyone he works with.  He is an excellent communicator and liaison.  He keeps all the right contacts and knows who to consult with whatever issue or task arises, and you never have to wait long to get a response from him.  In recent months, Ron has worked nearly every weekend, including Easter weekend, to ensure punch lists are completed on time and that everything runs smoothly on job sites. He’s quick to provide feedback for scheduling and inventory planning and is always available to help.  Ron is an absolute pleasure to work with, and a model field supervisor.  Great work, Ron!