New Construction – Multifamily

At MFC our combined experience, expertise and production capacity serves the general contractor/owner-developer in ways no other flooring company can offer. Covering the entire East Coast market from Miami to Boston with our 9 locations, we are unique in that not only do we provide all flooring/ceramic when a project is being built by a GC or developer, but also provide management companies and ownership groups with those same products professionally installed as the properties age and units turn over. No other flooring company excels like MFC in both these segments of the flooring industry.

We work with many of the finest designers and architects in the Multi-Family development and the relationships MFC has built with companies like Clark Builders Group (MD/D.C./Northern VA) and Norsouth Construction (GA) in new construction are long term indicators of our ability to perform. Together with property ownership/management groups like Equity Residential, these relationships reflect the uniqueness of our position in the market.

From pre-construction to final owner walks, if you are building an apartment project you should consider and contact MFC for all you’re flooring and ceramic needs.

References provided upon request.

Examples of our work:

WPM KBR BEK Projects by MFC

CBG Multi Family by MFC